Ian Patterson grew up in north-western Kansas, enjoying the majority of his youth building toy dioramas, reading comics hours past bedtime, and drawing characters that would work canonically along side his favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

He enjoyed these hobbies alongside his older brother, which was a crucial component in becoming the humorist and visual storyteller he’d grow up to be.

His brother would mature toward different interests, while the drawing and cartoon watching bug in Ian would prove to be chronic.

With the positive support of (art) teachers, and other classmates who were drawing on desks instead of paying attention; Ian’s passion turned into a prospective career path which he’d use as inspiration to push out of high school and get accepted into the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design to begin thinking and working more critically about his art so he could become what he considered a more professional artist.

Ian Patterson currently lives in his home state of Kansas, but continues to work remotely. He is currently looking for work in comics, taking a side interest in animation, and sets to produce a graphic novel of his own in the near future.